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Our Goal

If you have seen a beautiful wooden creation that has strummed your heartstrings and you thought to yourself, “wood, is it? That means higher maintenance!” And turned around quickly to look elsewhere lest you fall in live with that exquisite work desk that you kept eyeing, let us tell you that if maintenance is not your mainstay then worry not. We will take care of them.

Our goal is to identify furniture and preserve them to last as long as can be:

One of the main goals of our establishment is to identify the wooden artifacts of the erstwhile golden eras and evaluate and analyze their condition before deciding to give them a facelift or to give them preliminary care that is warranted.

We also procure old furniture and sell them:

We have been around for more than six decades in our bid to preserve the memories in wood. We have links with most of the world’s famous museums where we provide consultancy for the preservation and care of wooden artifacts. As a prerogative, we also run a wooden furniture museum on honorary lines and also run a gallery where the pieces that have been procured from across the globe are well preserved or recreated for the exclusive use of the elitists and the lucky ones!

Choosing us as your conservator:

When you choose us as conservators for your wooden creations, you can be sure that you are giving a new lease of life to them. We take pride in our transparency and we are at all times only committed to talk to our customers before going in for the restoration and conservation process. Understanding conservation and maintenance needs of such furniture is the only answer to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the world that we live in.



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