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Here is why wooden furniture is giving away to furniture made with other materials

Till about two decades ago, when someone wanted to make furniture for their homes or offices, it was a given that it only meant wooden furniture. Because of the durability of the material and the fact that it allowed for beautiful craftsmanship on https://www.danetti.com/living-furniture/coffee-tables, wooden furniture had always been very popular. But people’s choice has seen a lot of changes in the recent years.

What has replaced wood?

Over a period of time, with the advancement in the technology and the deepening of the knowledge of material science, wooden furniture has slowly started giving way to furniture made out of other materials like MDF (commonly referred to as Particle Board), compressed wood, plastic and fiberboard. Iron and steel is also becoming the material of choice especially while making storage solutions.

What is the reason for the change in the people’s preferences?

Even though the existing wooden furniture occupies a place of pride in people’s houses, still the trend is more towards buying furniture made out of other materials. Even today, the older generation lovingly preserves their wooden furniture as part of their heirloom and would love the fact that here is a piece of furniture which in their days was a conversation piece and yet after so many years of usage, it is not only perfectly functional and but also super good looking. The said wooden furniture in fact now can easily be classified as ‘Vintage’ furniture and touted for its antique value. Here is a list of reasons why people have shifted their preference from wood to other materials:

The budget:

Today, living spaces have become costlier. There is a big demand for affordable housing and property bought today is always at a premium because the cities are bursting at seams. Because there is no scope for them to grow horizontally anymore, most of the growth is vertical. In this scenario, it is natural that people will have their own budgetary constraints while buying furniture. Solid wooden furniture for example a writing table alone will take up a chunk of their savings in which they can set up the whole house if they are opt to make it in say plastic or MDF.

The necessity:

The old school idea of furniture that must last a lifetime and beyond is changing. People want to use the furniture and dispose it at will. They do not want to be stuck to the same style and décor for long. Constantly evolving and changing décor with times and sometimes with every season is the buzzword. It is but natural that when people choose their furniture, they will also look at this aspect.


The present homes have no space for heavy furniture. No space for clunky furniture either! The carpet space of the property is directly proportional to the rising inflation in the real estate market and thus the need of the hour is to have small, delicate and functional pieces of furniture. Having delicate furniture also allows for more room for walking around.

Lesser maintenance:

Maintaining wooden furniture can be laborious and time consuming. They may even be needed to be meticulously shielded from harsh climatic changes and are often at risk from insects and pests, for example termites and wood ants. In contrast, other materials are easier to maintain and don’t take as much time and effort either.

Readily available:

Wood is a luxury now. Humans have mercilessly cut down forests and even if you would love to own a piece of furniture in solid wood, you will have to shell out quite a bit because wood is no longer easily procurable like it could be before. A tree takes about twenty years to grow fully but it takes only an hour to axe it down. Extensive deforestation has reduced the world’s wood reserves to bare minimum.

Easily replaceable:

Furniture that is made of other materials is cheaper and easily replaceable once the person feels the need to change his décor or wants to do away with it for good and have some other furniture in its place. It will not pinch him simply because it has not cost him a fortune!

Even though this list is not exhaustive in nature, it gives us a fair idea of the changing perceptions of people today especially when it comes to investing in furniture for their own living and working space.


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